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Two years on: HMD Global talks about what Nokia has achieved and what’s coming soon

Two years on: HMD Global talks about what Nokia has achieved and what’s coming soon

Nokia 6 was released by HMD global in the early 2017. It was very significant for the company. It was because it was the first Nokia branded smartphone. Also equally important that it had brought rights for the brand after its launching. Even after its launching, several other smart phones had been launched by HMD Global. Through the manufacturing and launching of such mind blowing handsets of Nokia under HMD Global it had revived the brand. The brand has been strengthened after the releasing of several smart phones.


On a current occasion, at a press conference, the new German marketing chief at HMD Global, Britta Gerbracht represented the Nokia brand. There he had been discussing about the recently launched smart phone by Nokia which is known as the Nokia 8.1 via Win Future. The German marketing chief, in this conference discussed much more about Nokia. He confessed about all that Nokia has achieved and accomplished in the past years. Along with that he also discussed abut the further developments of the brand. He confessed about what Nokia has to launch in the coming time.

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What has Nokia achieved so far: Discussed

  • HMD Global has been immensely successful since 2017 and has sold about 70 million Nokia branded smart phones. This large number displays the terrific success that Nokia has faced since the year 2017. However HMD did not clearly confess that which smart phones did it include. Therefore, it is safer to assume that this list had included feature phones as well as smart phones. Altogether they make up 70 million branded phones.
  •  Another fact revealed was that most of the buyers of Nokia were people aged over 35 years. This fact clearly proves that they have been purchasing branded phones by Nokia long before HMD Global had taken over. The average purchaser of Nokia keeps hold of the mobile long more than any other branded person does.
  • The steadiest achievement is the cheaper rate of the devices. It is true to state that since the devices are cheaper and have high standard therefore they bring a lot to the company.
  • HMD global had kept their hopes high for the flagships however they failed to come up to the expectations.
  • Simple is now preferred over colorful devices for Nokia. A confession made by Gerbracht was that simple tones such as the black, blues and silvers are far more preferred over any other colored devices. The simpler, the better. In 2019, Nokia wants the buyers to expect most basic tones from the company.
  • Nokia 9 is not to be launched this year. The long awaited smart phone Nokia 9 was under manufacturing but surprisingly it will not be launched in 2018 since it requires more time.
  • No new retro devices are to be launched any sooner.

The Nokia 8.1 conference had answered so many questions about the brand itself. The successes, accomplishments and upcoming projects and ideas were revealed in it.

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