Uber Eats set to launch its services in Pakistan next year

Uber Eats set to launch its services in Pakistan next year

Since Uber has become popular in Pakistan, we have relied on it so much that we cannot imagine life without Uber services now. Uber has been in Pakistan for more than two years now and seeing its success other cab services as Careem has also entered the Pakistani market.

With people’s trust in Uber, Uber can release more services for its customers without the fear of failing. Uber Eats is a fast food delivery service by Uber which is popular abroad but hasn’t been started in Pakistan, yet. But Uber is planning to launch it in Pakistan next year. It would make it easier for people to order food from their favorite restaurants any time of the day. Even if the restaurants do not have their own delivery services you can enjoy the comfort food in your bed using Uber Eats. It would be really convenient for users. Plus, there would be way more options you can deliver food from.

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According to ProPakistani, a source has confirmed that Uber Eats will be launched in Pakistan somewhere in mid-February of the coming year. The price model this app will follow is similar to rates that other food delivery services, such as Food Panda etc. charge. Though, there will l be a surge pricing model to account for increased demand and a shortage of riders. Uber Eats is a different app and won’t be a service included in the original app.

The app will be available for free on ios App Store and Google Play Store as well as other app stores. Uber Eats is a separate app from the traditional Uber app which is currently available and functional in the country. It is somewhat similar to Food Pand. You can easily browse through restaurants and order foods without ever leaving the comfort of your house or office or bed or whatever it is that you are doing.

Reportedly, Uber Eats is also considering using electric bikes for its riders to reduce overall cost, but that decision hasn’t been finalized as of yet and it might never come to fruition. The app has been really popular in countries it is already available in. It sure will give a lot of competition to existing food delivery apps and services once it is launched in Pakistan.

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