PTCL Revises Rates for All Packages Up to 250Mbps

PTCL Revises Rates for All Packages Up to 250Mbps

PTCL is an outstanding broadband company in Pakistan, and it is the main Telecommunication organization that provides Broadband Internet Packages to Pakistani buyers.

Market Shares of PTCL are more than any other telecom company:

The PTCL market shares are much and more than other overall industry of web administrations that are giving ventures that are essential because 1.7 million broadband clients use PTCL bundles administrations including typical clients, understudies and corporate clients. In this post, I will cover PTCL Internet Packages, and broadband offers that are accessible.

The PTCL has improved its administrations in the past few years since Etisalat procures it. Smart Choice has appraised 3/5 stars, and this score has been developing. PTCL dispatch administrations like EVO CharJi and CharJi LTE Tab alongside 100Mb fast web for its clients.

Best PTCL Internet Packages:

The PTCL Internet Packages are noticeable under all subtleties including charges, transfer speed, and establishment costs.

  • 1 Mbps Economy Package

Establishment Charges, Data Volume and Month to Month charges for PTCL 1Mb Economy Package are,

Monthly Charges Data Volume Installation Charges 
Rs. 599 10GB Download Limit** Rs. 1,500


  • 2 Mbps Economy Internet Package

Establishment Charges, Data volume and monthly to monthly charges of PTCL Broadband 2Mb Economy Package are

Monthly Charges Data Volume Installation Charges
Rs. 750 15GB Download Limit** Rs. 1,500
  • 1 Mbps Student Package

Establishment Charges, Data volume and a month-to-month rate of PTCL Broadband 1Mb Student Package are

Monthly Charges Data Volume Installation Charges 
Rs. 1,299 Unlimited* Rs. 1,500


  • 2 Mbps Student Internet Package

Information volume, Installation Charges and monthly to monthly charges of PTCL Broadband 2Mb Student Package are

Monthly Charges Data Volume Installation Charges 
Rs. 1,549 Unlimited* Rs. 1,500


  • PTCL 4 Mbps Internet Package

The PTCL Broadband 4Mb Package is one of the best web bundles and for the most part generally being used among the normal web surfers. PTCL broadband 4mb bundle subtleties including Download Limit, Monthly Charges, Installation charges, and information volume are

Monthly Charges Data Volume Installation Charges 
Rs. 2,100 Unlimited* Rs. 1,500


  • PTCL Broadband Packages Unlimited with High-Speed ​​Internet

PTCL has been providing better administrations to a faster web to the Pakistani country, and there are some elements that are not yet satisfied. Be that as it may, how about we move to PTCL Unlimited Internet Packages and PTCL web bundles month to month get the subtleties you are searching for.

Broadband Packages Monthly Charges Data Volume Total Bill
6 Mbps Rs. 2,100 Unlimited Rs. 2,800
10 Mbps Rs. 2,499 Unlimited Rs. 3,360
15 Mbps Rs. 2,650 Unlimited Rs. 3,550
20 Mbps Rs. 2,999 Unlimited Rs. 6,923
50 Mbps Rs. 6,000 Unlimited Rs. 8,300
100 Mbps Rs. 6,500 Unlimited Rs. 8,499

Every one of these bundles – whenever profited – will accompany the boundless on-net calls and Smart TV benefits for nothing. Once establishment charges of Rs. 15,000 are pertinent.

50 Mbps bundle appears, by all accounts, to be the best esteem and most suitable for different medium to extensively measured organizations. Home clients, on different hands, will be settled at 10 Mbps at most.

  • PTCL Broadband Packages – Corporate

This bundle is intended for clients who require continuous access and boundless transfers of downloads that include video meetings, sight, and sound utilization or live updates of uses, and so forth.

Package Speed Monthly Charges
Business – 256 256 Kbps 11,999
Business – 384 384 Kbps 15,499
Business – 512 512 Kbps 19,499
Business – 768 768 Kbps 24,499
Business – 1024 1024 Kbps 32,999
Business – 1536 1536 Kbps 45,999
Business – 2048 2048 Kbps 56,299

PTCL Special Offers

  • 4 Mbps Triple Play Bundle

4 Mbps Triple Play Bundle includes a 4 Mbps web association, Freedom Unlimited Package, and PTCL Smart TV at the cost of PKR 2,250 as they were. Opportunity Unlimited Package gives you boundless landline minutes and 100 Ufone minutes.

  • Broadband Static IP

Broadband Static IP offers you a chance to settle on a static IP on any of the Internet as referenced above bundles for just Rs 300 each month. Actuation charges of PKR 500 connected.

  • How to buy this?

You can buy in any of the PTCL web bundles by calling the PTCL toll free number 0800 8 0800.


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