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Huawei unveils the Kunpeng 920 – the most powerful ARM-based server CPU

Huawei unveils the Kunpeng 920 – the most powerful ARM-based server CPU

Huawei unveiled on Monday the next-generation chipset for servers, possibly pitting it in opposition to the likes of AMD, while the Chinese technology hugely faces the political headwinds from all over the world.

Huawei new Chipset called Kunpeng 920:

The new chipset, referred to as Kunpeng 920, is designed to enter factual facilities and will energize TaiShan server’s enterprise, which turned into additional release on Monday.

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Huawei is eager to expose it’s far pushing ahead with commercial enterprise regardless of the main political headwinds, consisting of the arrest of its CFO in Canada and endured accusations from the U.S. And others that the employer’s device can be used as a backdoor by a Chinese government to spy on citizens.

William Xu, Huawei’s chief strategic advertising officer and director of the board, advised CNBC that the corporation hopes to attract customers by making suitable merchandise.

“Only using reaching top-quality products we are able to win our customers. We will obey the laws and regulations in nearby markets, and eventually make products that are recognized and welcomed by customers, “Xu informed CNBC in a Monday interview.

The company now owned by SoftBank:

Huawei’s new silicon, called an imperative processing unit (CPU), was designed by the company and based entirely on a chipset structure created by ARM, the U.K.-established company now owned by SoftBank.


Specifications of Kunpeng 920:

  • The Kunpeng 920 is a 7-nanometer chip, and the designation is tied to its size.
  • Such an era is the modern day in the semiconductor enterprise and allows for smaller components that are more effective and stronger than their predecessors.
  • Huawei has announced its new servers with the Kunpeng 920 designed to help and store large quantities of records.
  • ARM has generally been a participant in cell devices with its chipsets, but it has had a delayed attempt to push into the server and cloud market.
  • Huawei is not the most effective company with a 7-nanometer chipset designed for servers.
  • AMD has a personal product that released last year.
  • Huawei’s todays circulate it in competition with the likes of that semiconductor firm and NVIDIA.

It’s also not Huawei’s first 7nm chipset. The organization has the Kirin 980, which is designed for its very own cell phones, and the Ascend 910, which are created to handle synthetic intelligence programs running within the cloud. The Ascend 910 is similarly designed for information centers. However, it serves a different feature than the brand new Kunpeng 920.

Aiming for the best and top 5 cloud players in the world:

Huawei makes a maximum of its cash from the sale of a telecommunications system. But it is trying to find new avenues of increase consisting of consumer electronics and cloud computing. Huawei is hoping that Taishan servers will help improve the latter enterprise.

The generation giant has worked with Intel for decades on semiconductors for its servers, but the Kungpeng 920 is primarily based off of ARM structure. Xu said that Huawei will hold it dating with Intel, but it chooses the first-rate choice for each use case.

“Huawei and Intel are long-term strategic partners, in the future, now and could be in the future. The relationship between Huawei and Intel, even though we have differences in our CPU structures, our merchandise has complemented each other.

We will keep using Intel CPU in areas where they perform higher and use ARM-based CPUs in areas like cloud and servers where they’re better, “Xu told CNBC.

There has been a wide pass through the means of Chinese era organizations to wean themselves off of American technology, especially semiconductors. Huawei has driven its personal chips significantly in smartphones and servers and hoped that the latest addition to its portfolio will eventually make it one of the pinnacle cloud gamers on earth.

“We want to make our cloud service, collectively with our companions, one of the top five cloud offerings inside the world,” Xu said.

The modern-day pinnacle cloud players are Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Alibaba, in step with market perception company Synergy Research.

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