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Xiaomi Redmi 7 gets an unorthodox durability test

Xiaomi Redmi 7 gets an unorthodox durability test

Xiaomi is officially reporting the division of the Redmi mark on January 10, when another phone with a 48 MP camera is relied upon to launch. The upcoming and coming Redmi 7 arrangement previously touched the base on Geekbench and TENAA, giving us a look at what’s in store in regard to crude specs.

Redmi 7 Passes the Durability Test:

We currently get an alternate sort of secret – the phone that is yet to arrive has gotten the registration of its hardness in an exceptionally irregular manner – a gathering of individuals who really hopped on it.

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The video demonstrates that the phone’s front and backboard cannot be broken with a basic thump with the knuckles, but since every cell phone withstands such weight, the main person puts the Redmi 7 on the floor.

While stepping on a level gadget, laying on a level surface is noteworthy and eye-getting, it does not affect the basic form of the phone.

The glass-sandwiched telephone remains operational and even with no critical scratches. And keeping in mind that it does not seem to indicate a true sturdiness, the video is still a nice watch if just for the sake of fun.

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