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Samsung remembers its past milestones as Galaxy nears its 10-year anniversary

Samsung remembers its past milestones as Galaxy nears its 10-year anniversary

Samsung I7500 Galaxy was reported in April 2009 – Samsung’s Android phones turn 10 this year. The Galaxy will turn into the world’s largest cell phone line yet needs to experience many developments and achievements to come.

Samsung’s Milestone Achievements:

Samsung has a background marked by creative gadgets, and their DNA can, in any case, be found in the present-day Galaxy contraptions. In 1999 he conveyed versatile excitement to another dimension with a TV telephone.


The 1.8 “shading screen makes the present 6+ inch boards like pocket-sized IMAX theaters. The same year, SPH-WP10 watch phone, the grand of Galaxy Watch, was released.

The advancement of the showcase proceeded with the Samsung T100, the main telephone with Active Matrix display.

The organization would continue to drive its presentation innovation until the point that it propelled the Galaxy Note Edge, the main phone with a bent screen (something that is currently a trademark of the Galaxy leaders).

The Note series has been isolated from the Galaxy S line – the main Galaxy Note has protected the huge screens and introduced the S Pen to the world (from that point forward various tablets have comparative styles.

However, no phone does.) At the finish of a year ago, the organization announced it’s getting ready for a collapsing telephone: the next stage after the bent screens.

Samsung, not just fencing, clearly, the latest of grain is conveying the 5G to the world.

He was the first to get the FCC green light for his 5G organizing equipment following the launch of 5G arrange in South Korea. Obviously, there is a 5G phone that comes in the main part of this current year.

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