Google Maps will now help drivers stay within speed limits, avoid speed traps

Google Maps will now help drivers stay within speed limits, avoid speed traps

Google has taken off the speed points of confinement on Google Maps. After a long wait of two years, Google is now finally testing this amazing feature in San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Google Map updated Speed Limit Feature will surely help you to Avoid Speed Traps:

As far as possible the feature will demonstrate the most extreme speed for the street that drivers crossing in the lower left half of the application.


Google Maps will also now show the areas of speed traps through little camera symbols, and the application will apparently play a sound warning to alert drivers that the speed trap is drawing closer.

Clients have been allowed to report the area of ​​speed trap cameras in Google Maps since the end of the last year, through the report secure that appears with a “+” sign at the bottom left of the main screen of the application. The application is currently making the information clear to clients in a few nations.

Feature is updated in many Countries Across the World:

Speed ​​limits feature is updated in Google maps of United States, United Kingdom and Denmark. Then, speed camera areas appear for U.S., U.K., Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Russia.

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It gives the idea that new highlights come to Google Maps through server-side changes. The application itself does not require a refresh with the end goal for clients to begin to see as far as possible and speed trap areas.

Google Maps clients have been asking for highlights for some time, especially as publicly supporting route application Waze gave such data.

The highlights were at that point accessible to Waze when Google got it for about $ 1 billion every 2013.

It’s good for Google to keep the two administrations extraordinary, as Google Maps cooks more to clients investigating regions by walking, while Waze is adapted to drivers.

In any case, that does not imply that Google Maps will not include what is currently viewed as a fundamental highlight for drivers. It took a while – more than five years – yet the Waze highlight is currently being added to Google Maps.

There has been a flood of updates for Google Maps from late, including new highlights committed to making drives less demanding.

Google Maps additionally has since begun advising clients of any uncommon offers and up and coming occasions on spots that they follow in the application. Clients can now also add hashtags to the surveys they make on the application.


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