FBR introduced the new guidelines for registration of imported smartphones

FBR introduced the new guidelines for registration of imported smartphones

New rules and systems for the enrollment of imported mobile phones that have gotten Pakistan by global explorers have been issued by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

PTA has introduced the new techniques:

The legislature, with the support of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), has built up a consistent technique for the quick and quick enlistment of telephones conveyed by worldwide voyagers.

Moreover, the central government also approved a further expansion of enrollment of imported and utilized gadgets to February fifteenth, 2019. Every single unregistered gadget will stop working after February, fifteenth.

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The planning of these rules could not be more and more impeccable considering the way that the Pakistani government is presenting another and much-loosened visa-directions for global voyagers, which will cause a lot of researchers to set Pakistan as their next vacationer goal which implies progressively universal gadgets should be enlisted.

In any case, if the time length of the traveler remains in the nation is less than 30 days, at that point, they are exempted from the versatile enlistment framework.

The new rules issued by the administration are:

  • PTA will provide an online administration known as the Device Registration System (DRS), which can be obtained by worldwide researchers for consistent, portable enrollment and incite the installment of required charges.
  • This utility can also be acquired through the establishment of versatile administrators.
  • The candidate will be required to present their identification number, CNIC number, global motile gear character (IMEI) number, and so forth.
  • This data will be prepared in this way through WeBOC, an online framework for recording Goods Declarations (GD) for import and fare payload (created by Pakistan Revenue Automation Ltd) for FBR and its divisions including the Customs office.

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  • The cell phones will be cleared by the framework as per acceptable withdrawals under the Baggage Rules. The main cell phone will be permitted enlistment / whitelisting in DIBS free of charge/charges.
  • On account of second or progressively cell phones, the framework will electronically create a Payment Slip ID (PSID) for the installment of charges.
  • According to FBR, the candidate will at that point have choices to pay the leviable obligation / assesses through the internet managing an account, ATM, versatile saving money and bank offices of each single driving bank.
  • When affirmed by the framework about the installment of obligations / imposes, the cell phone will be white-recorded in DIRBS.

FBR said that they can also enlist through their cell phones by giving their CNIC and IMEI numbers using the Device above Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS).

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