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Officially announced: Vivo has launched its new sub-brand iQOO for smartphones in China

Officially announced: Vivo has launched its new sub-brand iQOO for smartphones in China

Chinese cell phone producer Vivo has discreetly driven another sub-brand called Iqoo, reporting its reality on the Weibo social informing stage. In any case, there are a few indications and rumors about Iqoo’s series.

Vivo is Launching new Series of Cellphone with a New Brand Name – iQOO:

Sub-brands are a prominent route for huge makers to talk to different gatherings of individuals. For example, Huawei uses the Honor sub-brand to focus on those with a lower spending plan than that required to buy the top-notch gadgets sold by Huawei itself.

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Iqoo’s parent organization, Vivo, is claimed by BBK Electronics, equivalent to Oppo and OnePlus. Notwithstanding this current, Iqoo’s future as a BBK relative is unsure. Not long after its establishment by Oppo officials, the new Realme brand turned into an independent organization, much like OnePlus.

For the time being, however, Vivo seems to need to keep Iqoo under its vigilant gauze. The organization republic ​​Iqoo’s declaration post alone Weibo page, guaranteeing everybody knows Iqoo’s starting points.

What is Vivo’s arrangement for Iqoo? It does not say, however, as this is its first sub-brand, it’s imaginable that the organization will need to make something altogether different.

Vivo influences telephones at low to high-to midrange costs, at around $ 600 to $ 700 being it’s most expensive, and at least, its telephones cost around $ 150. It’s theorized Vivo will use Iqoo to dispatch premium cell phones and gadgets at more expensive rates.

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The picture going with the Iqoo Weibo post shows a modern cityscape, implying we can see gadgets with forefront structures. The main another post on the Iqoo page explores whether perusers realize how to articulate its name, and prompts individuals to figure in the remarks. We will accept it’s articulated correspondingly to IQ, the abbreviation used for knowledge remainder – the score used to gauge somebody’s insight.

Vivo is best known globally for its energizing ideas gadgets, from the Vivo Apex appeared at MWC 2018, to the later 2019 adaptation of the Apex with its full-screen unique mark sensor and unique body plan. It will be shown more detail on the Mobile World Congress 2019. It does not move its telephones in the U.K. or then again, the U.S., which may also be another arrangement for Iqoo.

Albeit nothing has been formally reported, Iqoo may use Mobile World Congress 2019 here and there to uncover its arrangements for the future, including its first items.

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