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Samsung making a new smartphone camera without a hole behind the screen

Samsung making a new smartphone camera without a hole behind the screen

According to those latest phones which are coming with the infinity O displays are only a stop en route to legitimate full-screen phones. Though, ones without any notches or any punch holes, but just a simple screen.

However, to make it things possible again, we have seen that all the sensors and cameras appear on the front side will now be move under the display of the phone. However, Samsung has their own plans now.

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A camera without any hole:

Yang Byung-Duk, VP of Samsung’s Mobile Communication R&D Group Display said that: “Despite the fact that it wouldn’t be possible enough to make (a full-screen cell phone) in the following 1-2 years.

The innovation can push ahead to the point where the camera gap will be imperceptible, while not influencing the camera’s capacity at all.”

He further says that the phones of Galaxy S10 have now become the first which finally have holes in the OLED board itself (for instance, the Huawei View 20 utilizes an LCD screen without a physical gap, the camera glances through the LCD grid).

So, we can assume that now Galaxy S10 will surely be get more success in the coming weeks, just because of its new feature.

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Samsung thinks in a different way:

Samsung likewise thought about utilizing the display screen as a speaker, like the Crystal Sound OLED on the LG G8 ThinQ, yet it ruled against utilizing this tech on the Galaxy S10 leaders.

So, we just make some hope that now afterward, Samsung phones will announce with some new camera feature. Though, Samsung always makes us surprise with their new inventions every year. So, that’s why we are all ready to welcome this change and see what is making the difference now.

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