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New.hateem.pk is Pakistan’s leading technology media stand, dedicated to provide legitimate information, News and reviews and Latest Updated Price in Pakistan. Founded in 2018 and based in Karachi, Pakistan, news.hateem.pk is a reliable and determined page for giving legitimate information in terms of reviews and news about events and products. Let’s discover tech and its perspectives.. It is basically a platform to provide reports about technology all over the world.

Our overall website is controlled by a programmer, content writer and video makers, New.hateem.pk comprises of over Millions of direct visitors on different social platforms and has access to a network of over millions of users on Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube.

Our content is managed by expert staff named as Editorial committee who handles the work with responsibility and punctuality. This committee is solely responsible for researching, writing legit info and publishing online. Our writers are free from any favor to any technology brand, website or person in general.

Every person on this team is human. As such we will make “Human Errors” when these incidents occur we hope that you don’t bombard our comments section with negativity and instead just drop us an email with your concern and we will be sure to make amends as soon as we can.

The main purpose of this website is to promote technology advancement carrying in this world and let other know. The authentic news will help entrepreneur and business men to promote their technology based projects. It include details about all recent and up comings mega events in video and content formats.

Our Moto“ let tech rule”