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An American electric manufacturing company founded in 1928, with an amazing logo of ‘M’ which means ‘Motorola’ and now their phones are popular for ‘M’ symbol. Motorola is well known for its pioneering and cost effective smart mobile phones. Motorola mobile in Pakistan are performing well.  Motorola Mobile price in Pakistan are affordable and Price of Motorola mobiles in Pakistan starts from Rs. 8000 to 60000.

Motorola Catching the market in Pakistan again’

Motorola regaining its share:

Motorola has made their space in market Pakistan’s telecommunication industry by introducing innovative mobile phones since years, and the quality of camera and speaker is something amazing and their sleek unique design is also an attracting element to customers. A good quality with up to the marks features price has always attracted the customers and challenged market competitors to revamp their product. Same happened with Motorola and their competitors, but after the android craze, Motorola adopted the technology late and bin between the gape Motorola had lost their market share and, now they are working to regain their market share in which they are getting success and people has started preferring Motorola over other popular brands. Motorola updated price in Pakistan since they have gained attention and their resale price is also acceptable for customers.

Smart offerings by Motorola:

Motorola has introduced a smartphone with a surprising price around Rs. 25000/ and marketed it as an affordable excellence. Moto 6 is very much challenging smartphone for its competitors.

A game changer for Motorola:

Motorola mobiles in Pakistan has gained astonishing market attention with their phone ‘X series’, as it was a flagship series. X series is a proven game changer for the company, as it was the most selling android phone for now and no one want it to be exchanged because of its durability and long-lasting battery. More than 1000,000 pieces were sold in a day. The most attracting element was the price and new features which market was not having before. X series is very affordable and priced around Rs. 20,000/ when introduced. Motorola reviews in Pakistan are quite substantial.