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‘The fall and transformation of Nokia’

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A pioneer in the telecommunication industry, Nokia is serving customers from around 130 countries since 1865 and one of the strongest brands of Finland, as it was founded in Finland. Nokia mobile Price in Pakistan as well for its portable smartphones, which are long-lasting and never fail to work. Nokia price in Pakistan are reasonable and Price of Nokia mobiles in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 2500 to 80000.

What is Nokia popular for?

Nokia has more than 30 series with different attractive features. Nokia phones are available in different price ranges and cater all categories of customer, this is why, Nokia is loved by the people in Pakistan Nokia reviews in Pakistan are quite satisfying as their customers are satisfied with its long-lasting battery life, reliability, and durability.

Since 2005, Nokia has led the market with a highest market share in the telecommunication industry and highest sale of phones was recorded in the year, after which Android phones captured the market and Nokia was unable to adopt the newest technology and lost their market share. But still Nokia is known for its quality.

But 2017 was a turning point for Nokia. They transformed their products and marketing strategy since then Nokia is in the demanding list. They updated the price of Nokia in Pakistan and started gaining their charm again.

Nokia as a strong brand:

Being a huge multi-national company with several producing units across the work Nokia still has a great market presence and will continue to maintain their market presence for a long time.

What is Nokia offering this year?

Nokia 3310, an updated version of their most selling phone is the talk of the town since its launch and they marketed it as classic phone reimagined. The price of Nokia 3310 in Pakistan is Rs. 5000/.

The recent launch by Nokia is ‘Nokia 5’, which belongs to one of the most popular series of Nokia. Nokia 5 is launched in May 2018, with an amazing camera and a 5.5-inch screen and Ram is 2 GB, which is enough to reach the market competition. The price is around Rs. 15000 to 20000, which is a good value for money with such an amazing feature.